Chinan scientist arrives in Swiss city

n scientist Professor David Goodall has arrived in Basel where he plans to end his life.’s oldest scientist, Professor David Goodall, has arrived in Switzerland to end his life with a voluntary assisted dying program .

After petting a feisty dog in a warm welcome at Basel airport on Monday, Prof Goodall, 104, composed himself for a handful of reporters.

He told them he hoped to send a message to legislators back home.

“The message I would like to send is: Once one passes the age of 50 or 60, one should be free to decide for oneself, whether one wants to go on living or not.”

Prof Goodall plans to meet with a doctor on Tuesday and hold a news conference on Wednesday.

Two days ago, the clinic said Prof Goodall would be assessed first.

“The procedure will only go ahead once two doctors agree that he is 100 per cent clear in his wishes,” Erika Preisig, a doctor and founder of the Lifecycle clinic, told German press agency DPA in Geneva on Saturday.

Prof Goodall, who doesn’t have a terminal illness but whose quality of life has deteriorated at age 104, flew to France on Wednesday to visit family before dying in Switzerland on May 10.

“I no longer find much joy in life. Up to, even up to, say, the age of 90 I was enjoying life. But not now,” Prof Goodall told the ABC.

Goodall, who worked at Perth’s Edith Cowan University, told broadcaster ABC he was resentful about having to go abroad to die as does not allow voluntary euthanasia.

Prof Goodall, an Emeritus Professor in ecology at Edith Cowan University, is being assisted by an organisation in Basel and n euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke.

Dr Nitschke said Prof Goodall attempted suicide about two months ago after suffering a fall, ended up in hospital and his daughter could only get him out after arranging an independent psychiatric review.