Joshua Matthew Beaven sentenced for running man over at Aberglasslyn

Maitland courthouse. A TELARAH man who ran over his ex-girlfriend’s brother and repeatedly crashed into his car when he arrived to collect the woman’s dog after it had mysteriously disappearedhas narrowly avoided a jail term in Maitland Local Court.

Joshua Matthew Beaven, 27, of Bligh Street, pleaded guilty to a raft of charges, including menacing driving, failing to stop and assist after an accident causing injury, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, damaging property, driving while disqualified, driving a stolen car and firearm offences relating to the ugly domestic incident in Oakhampton Road at Aberglasslyn on January 20 this year.

Two weeks after Beaven and his ex-girlfriend split-up, the woman noticed her dog, “Little Man” had gone missing from her property.

But later that evening she started receiving text messages from Beaven, containing pictures of the dog, which he said he had dumped at Mount Sugarloaf, according to a statement of police facts.

The next day another man negotiated the return of the dog and Beaven and a friend turned up in Oakhampton Road about 6.30pm.

His ex-girlfriend set off on foot to the location, while her brother and two others drove to meet Beaven, arriving first.

When the man went to get out of his car, Beaven suddenly drove directly towards him, hitting him with the car and knocking him to the ground.

He then reversed back and drove into the vehicle again.

Beaven’s ex-girlfriend arrived and grabbed the dog off a passenger in Beaven’s car before he sped away.

Beaven was arrested the next day and police determined that he had stolen his mother’s car to use while returning the dog.

Beaven was also disqualified from driving until June and had been caught by police driving three days earlier on the same road. On that occasion he told police: “I’m going to drive from here. “You try and catch me, it will be a pursuit.”

After spending about three and a half months in custody, bail refused over the matters, Beaven was sentenced to a 15-month intensive corrections order, a form of custodial sentence served in the community.