Aussies offer up economic advice on Budget night as Twitter users tell the treasurer #keepmytendollars

It started on Budget eve and continued long after Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his federal budget in the House of Representatives.

It all started afterreports on Monday that the budget would provide low and middle-income earners with tax cuts up to $10.50 a week.

Labor MP Linda Burney, a panellist on ABC-TV’s Q and A show, pointed out that doesn’t amount to a whole lot when a cup of coffee can cost about $5.

It didn’t stop there.

READ MOREBudget has tax cuts, surplus a year earlyBig security boost for n airportsTax crackdown caps cash payments at $10kNats get Murray-Darling med school networkFellow panellist Leyla Acaroglu, a sustainability provocateur and cultural protagonist, suggested a more creative approach to the savings.

“So whether it be addressing catastrophic recycling disaster situation wee have going on or perhaps protecting the Great Barrier Reef or any other natural resources we would probably donate $10 a week to see protected and conserved for our future generations which is what intergenerational equity is about.

“You guys with the power making sure you make decisions today that don’t screw it up for the rest of us,” DrAcaroglu said.

And the Twitter floodgates opened …

#keepmytendollars and raise the minimum wage

— Sally McManus (@sallymcmanus) May 8, 2018You can #KeepMyTenDollars and give it back to Domestic Violence Shelters

— David Campbell (@DavidCampbell73) May 8, 2018#keepmytendollars and build a national early childhood education system #auspol

— Van Badham (@vanbadham) May 8, 2018I am a low income worker but I’m happy to pay my fair share of tax as I know health, education etc is important . #keepmytendollars and make corporations, banks and high income earners pay theirs.

— DarwinDeb (@debbi_lees) May 8, 2018#keepmytendollars and fund our PUBLIC schools and hospitals properly and fairly. FREE Tertiary education wouldn’t hurt either. Invest in our future and stop talking about company tax cuts!

— Ben Eyles (@ben_eyles) May 8, 2018#KeepMyTenDollars and fund trauma-informed sexual assault support organisations that are struggling with huge caseloads & long waiting lists.

— Sharna Bremner (@sharnatweets) May 8, 2018I love that #keepmytendollars is trending even before the #Budget2018 is released. We need to start considering a restructure of government revenue and expenditure in the 21st century where there is a greater need for government programs such as the #NDIS, #Medicare and #UBI

— Samuel Turrin (@sturrin1) May 8, 2018#keepmytendollars and provide aged care ratios #qnmu#changetherules

— Brash Daniel S (@thebrashness) May 8, 2018#KeepMyTenDollars and fund proper drug addiction services and rehab, particularly in the regions.

— Noely (@YaThinkN) May 8, 2018#KeepMyTenDollars and build infrastructure in Tasmania. #Budget18

— Nathan Kilah (@ChemistryNathan) May 8, 2018