Neo-Nazis jailed over WA hammer murder

The parents of a Perth father killed by white supremacists attended his killers’ sentencing.A five-year-old boy frequently says “my mum’s in jail and my dad’s dead and I don’t know why”.

One day, someone will have to explain his mother Melony Jane Attwood plotted with fellow white supremacists to bludgeon his father Alan Taylor to death with a hammer as the victim slept in their Perth home.

The 42-year-old FIFO boilermaker was murdered in April 2016 at the Girrawheen house he owned and allowed Attwood’s 22-year-old lover Robert Edhouse to live in.

He did not know Attwood and Edhouse were in a relationship, but may have suspected, WA Supreme Court Justice Lindy Jenkins said in handing down minimum 21-year sentences to the pair on Tuesday.

Attwood and Edhouse’s motive was getting hold of a $1 million life insurance policy they believed Mr Taylor had.

Edhouse may have wanted to eliminate his sexual rival, retain cohesion of the Aryan Nations group he presided over and impress Attwood, who led the female division Aryan Girls.

Attwood, 37, who pretended to have separated from Mr Taylor in a Centrelink sham, wanted him “out of the way”, Justice Jenkins said.

The attack was carried out by Edhouse and a fourth person, an Aryan Nations affiliate who cannot be identified, pleaded guilty to murder and was previously given a reduced sentence for testifying.

Edhouse’s former friend and acolyte Corey Joshua Dymock, 21, who was acquitted of murder but found guilty of being an accessory, was jailed for five years and will be eligible for parole after serving three.

Attwood appeared to briefly faint as Justice Jenkins described the extent of Mr Taylor’s head injuries during sentencing on Tuesday, drawing scoffs of disbelief from the victim’s supporters.

She also collapsed in March moments after the jury found the trio guilty and Edhouse attacked Dymock in the dock, throwing punches and threatening to kill him.

The outburst was sparked by Dymock smiling at Edhouse as they were being led to the cells, Justice Jenkins said.

“I can only describe the court as being in chaos,” the judge said.

But Attwood and Edhouse barely reacted when they were handed their matching sentences.

The trial heard the group went to a cinema after the killing in a bid to create a false alibi and Attwood made a distressed-sounding triple-zero call when she returned home.

Justice Jenkins described the premeditated killing as vicious and horrendous, saying it was degrading Mr Taylor had been left alone for hours to die, bleeding and naked.

“One thing we can’t understand is a person we took into our family for nearly nine years as a member of the family could do that to our son and sit in that box and have no remorse,” Mr Taylor’s mother Rosemary said of Attwood outside court.

“To take a father away from a child, when you know very well the child loves that person, that’s worse than killing him.”