Avoid the flu this season – get vacinated

At Risk: The flu vaccination is very important for protecting people at high risk of serious flu complications.

ADVERTISING FEATUREWith winter and the colder weather fast approaching, so too is flu season, and after last year’s record flu season it is time to start thinking about prevention.

Flu season typicallypeaks around July to September and everyone is vulnerable,however, certain groups are at particular risk including young children, the elderly and those with other chronic conditions.

No one wants to get sick and there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself against influenza:

Be vaccinated.Hand washing and personal hygiene, such as trying not to touch your mouth or nose.Where possible, avoid crowds during the flu season.Even though the influenza vaccination has been proven to be the most effective protection against the flu, recent research by the Pharmacy Guild of has revealed that one in two n adults do not plan to vaccinate against the flu this year despite last year’s record flu season which saw more than 249,000 reported infections.

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Pharmacy4Less KotaraGuild national president George Tambassissays n adults are generally misinformed about the seriousness, and unaware of some of the infectious aspects of the flu.

“Most ns don’t realise how infectious the flu is, with 77 per cent of respondents unaware the flu virus can remain active when airborne for 45 minutes or more.”

Know yoursymptoms

Fever (often high)ChillsA severe coughHeadachesMuscle aches and painsA sore throatChildren’s symptoms may also include nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.How to protect yourself

The best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot –through your workplace program, at the GP, or through chemists which offer the service.

“The flu vaccine contains ‘killed’, inactivated virus particles,” sayspharmacist and owner of Pharmacy4Less Kotara, Nader Eltom.

“These train your immune system to develop protection against the virus within several weeks. These antibodies protect against infection if you are exposed to the virus.”

The vaccine does not contain a live virus, so it is impossible to catch the flu from the vaccine.

“Annual vaccination against seasonal flu can reduce your chances of getting thefluand can also reduce the severity of flu symptoms if you do catch the flu,” Nader said. “Getting the vaccination can also protect people around you who may be more vulnerable to the flu, including children and the elderly.”

Pharmacy4Less Kotara offers a quick and inexpensive flu vacination program at it’s convenient location on the corner of Park Avenue and Kullaiba Road next to the Homemaker Centre.

“The flu vaccination service is $19.99 for anyone between the ages of 18-64,”Nader said.

“You do not need an appointment and the process usually takes about 15 minutes, including a brief questionnaire and waiting time.

“You can even get the flu vaccine in store, while you are waiting for your other medications.”

Pharmacists atPharmacy4Less Kotara have completed vaccination training to ensure that the flu vaccine can be given safely and appropriately.

This includes Pharmacist Immunisation training endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of , regular first aid accreditation, and annual CPR updates.Theyalso keepa range of common and specialised travel vaccinations if you’re thinking about heading overseas.

“Our qualified pharmacists can help answer any queries about vaccinations and travel health for people of all ages,” Nader said.

“Pharmacy4Less Kotara also keeps a range of dose administration aids, travel products and supplements to help keep you well while you are away.”

It’s all part of the mantra at Pharmacy4Less Kotara which is “More Care For Less Cost”,providing one-to-one personalised service as well as a guarantee to beat any price on’s largest range of products.

“Our range includes discounted prescriptions, medicines, healthcare products, beauty products, personal care, mother and baby products, health equipment and much more,” Nader said.

Pharmacy4Less Kotara also offers a range of free services includingprescription reminders, blood pressure testing, cholesterol screening, diabetic screening and provision of diabetic supplies, weight management advice, smoking cessation advice, baby advice,vitamin specialist advice,Webster packing and medication reviews.They also accept unwanted or unused medicines.

Another feature that sets Pharmacy4Less Kotara aparthas beenthe introduction of the Healthsure Medical Centre inside the premises,giving patients access to quality GPs Monday to Friday.