Tasmanian devil Tora celebrates first birthday at Devil Ark

Little devil celebrates big birthday: Tora turns one ARK: Happy Birthday Tora. Picture: Devil Ark

ARK: Happy Birthday Tora. Picture: Devil Ark

TweetFacebookTora is like most other one year olds. She runs amok, has boundless energy and is often the centre of attention. ForTora the Tasmanian devil, turning one was also cause for celebration at her home in Devil Ark.

She is one of150 devils which call the Ark in Barrington Tops home. The national breeding program setup at the Ark aims to save the species from extinction and currently holds 52 per centof the mainland Tasmanian devil insurance population.

Tora was hand raised by Devil Ark supervisor Kelly Davis and her birthday marks her move into adulthood.

“She is growing up and becoming an adult devil,” Ms Davis said.

“I know that sounds strange becoming an adult at one, but Tasmanian devils only live until they’re seven, so every moment counts.”

It is a full-time job raising a devil joey, however Ms Davis said “the sleepless nights were well worth it when you get to do something as rewarding as raising such an iconic and endangered species.”

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me that it is actually my job to raise joeys.”

Tora also plays an important role in raising awareness as one of the‘ambassador devils’.She attends many of the external events for Devil Ark including local shows, fetes and schools.

Tasmanian Devils are classified as endangered and are under threat from a transmissible called Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

In Tasmania, the incurable disease has reduced the wild population to less than 90 per centin some areas. DFTD continues to menace the endangered Tasmanian devil population.


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